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Total REUP is the wireless industry’s #1 Payment Portal
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All-in-one platform for your business

The go-to system for cell phone shop, convenience store, booth, kiosk, or even a gas station TOTAL REUP will provide you and your customers with a variety of high-demand cross-border products - from mobile top-ups to cellphone unlock- that will increase your revenues and foot traffic.

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Give your Dealers What They “REALLY” Want


Instantly sign-up and bring “doors” on board with our turn-key back end dashboard and unique “dealer sign-up” link or url. As an Account Manager you can create Reps ‘underneath’ you in hierarchy and manage their commissions and percentages for Dealers or Stores they manager or bring into your organization.


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Go Big or Go Home

Have an existing book of business?
Already selling wireless or related?
Want to increase your presence, build meaningful relationships and profit at the same time?

Total ReUp allows you to bring on from the smallest of “Mom and Pop” shops, the average Wireless Retailers, all the way to corporate entities with hundreds of stores across the coast. Our system is built to scale with your growth.

We don’t have crazy minimum requirements or hurdles for you to jump through. A great opportunity and adventure is a quick click or call away.

Domestic Refills / Top Ups

Intl Refills & Top Up

International Calling

CUbaCEL y Nauta
Activation Portal

Market Place

Cell Phone Unlock Service

Real Time Reporting


Our team consists of extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff that are always willing to help! With over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry, it is safe to say that we know the ins and outs of everything "wireless". Our strategy is to continue to build and provide super tools and modern prepaid products like the latest smartphones and carrier options all in one system to help your business stay competitive and have access to the latest in wireless.